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Introduction 大赛介绍

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2013 Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America is a link to build a platform that brings in overseas projects and talents from North America, to attract mature entrepreneurial ventures and high level talents to settle and thrive in Jiangsu, to create an innovation and entrepreneurship highland of Jiangsu, and to upgrade the brand image of Jiangsu as such kind of highland.


First Place一等奖:

It's a talking dog. The GeriJoy companion is the modern realization of the fabled talking dog.  All  the  availability  and  unconditional love of an adorable pet, combined with the ability  to  talk  with  true  intelligence  and compassion. It's as if it lives inside a picture frame,  so  the  senior  get  the  benefits  of  pet therapy  without  any  smells,  allergies, cleaning  up,  bites,  or  food  and  veterinary bills. It's a personal attendant. The GeriJoy companion has the intelligence of a real human  being.  Seniors  live  alone  or  in  senior  care  facilities  can  keep  it  on  the nightstand  like  having  a  trusted  friend  there,  available  24/7.  It  can  talk  with seniors,  calm  them  down,  orient  them  to  the  time  of  day  and  scheduled activities,  ask  how  they're  doing  and  report  back  to  you,  or  any  other  nonphysical task a personal attendant might do. It's  a  super  friendly computer. The GeriJoy companion is  Internet-connected. Whatever  the  seniors  want  to  know,  the  companion  can  find  out  and  report back. It can send and receive messages and photos between seniors and family members, also via the Internet. All this is done through the intuitive metaphor of a talking dog. No computer skill is required for the seniors.

Second Prize二等奖:

Empire  Robotics’  first  offering  is  a low-cost,  high-functioning  universal robotic  gripper  that  solves  the fundamental  problem  of  versatile material  handling  in  automation, and  disrupts  the  existing  cost complexity  curve  of  available grippers. Compared to existing robot grippers  with  comparable functionality,  this  universal  gripper is an order  of  magnitude lower cost and  it  can  out-perform  the  complex
traditional  hand-like  gripper  on many  tasks.  Empire’s  gripper  bolts on  to  any  commercially  available robot  arm  or  gantry  system  for simple  integration  into  the  existing robotics infrastructure. 

WordLogic Corporation develops, markets, licenses and sells advanced predictive platform software designed to accelerate information discovery and text input. The Company’s programs operate across a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Smart TVs, media players, automotive navigational systems, and game consoles.

Third Prize三等奖:

MappedOn, an open marketplace, is the Airbnb for small businesses. Food service is where MappedOn starts. MappedOn is developed for business owners to create and
manage their online stores. It is photographs and design oriented. “A picture worth a million words”, works exceptionally well for food service. It provides a very user-friendly interface for small business owners to create their cybershop.

JACT is a gamer social rewards platform with in-game advertising used for building long term, engaging relationships between advertisers and consumers through gaming. JACT is an agnostic gamer loyalty program, an in-game advertising platform with measureable ROI, low overhead implementation, and unobtrusive ad targeting, a social ecommerce and rewards platform that promotes shopping in the form of direct purchasing, discounts, microtransaction, B&M purchasing, referrals, and a market research aggregator of demographic profiles, consumption preferences, gaming habits, along with real-time customizable survey data.

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  1. Contest is open to all industry.
  2. Small and medium sized enterprises of high growth and investment value
  3. Teams that possess innovation and entrepreneurship spirit and fledged business plans
  4. Teams that possess legitimate intellectual property rights without dispute
  5. Normative operation; Good social reputation and credibility; No black mark
  6. Having more than three core members
  7. Planning to register and set up business in Jiangsu province in six months after the contest

1. 本次参赛队伍行业不限;
2. 具有高成长性和投资价值的科技型中小企业;
3. 具有创新创业精神且具有成熟商业计划的创业团队;
4. 拥有合法的知识产权,无知识产权纠纷;
5. 经营规范,社会信誉良好,无不良记录;
6. 核心团队成员不少于3人;
7. 计划赛后6个月内在江苏省注册成立企业。

Need to show a strong and balanced team.

#2. Market Potential:
Describe the market size and growth potential, such as user base or dollar base etc.

#3 Product & Services:
You shall further clarify your services, and uniqueness of your services. Show the strength or maturity of the product and service.

#4 Competitive Advantages:
Analysis on the technology advantages, first mover advantages, business advantages, potential competitor advantages and so on.

Announcement: enterprises in the final must be subjected to due diligence investigation. The results will influence the decision of entering the final. The investigation will help us judge the potential development and the material accuracy from an investing perspective. If any false information is found, the team’s candidacy for the contest will be canceled.




对市场规模与增长潜质有精准到位的预测与评估, 如针对客户群与金额等。


对可提供的产品与服务有深入的描述, 涵盖独特性, 优势,与成熟度。


对于产品技术, 开拓性优势, 商业优势,潜在竞争者等做出分析。

声明: 进入决赛的企业均要接受尽职调查,根据尽职调查结果判断并通知进入决赛现场答辩环节的参赛企业。通过企业尽职调查从投资角度判断参赛企业发展潜力,确认参赛企业递交资料的真实性,如有造假信息将被直接取消参赛资格。

  • 1、At least one member in finalist team must be able to attend the final day on-stage presentation; absent teams will be automatically disqualified (Unless there is a special case)

  • 2、The final will adopt the form of 5+5: 5 minutes self-introduction and 5 minutes Q&A through live broadcasting; Only presenters can answer the questions from judges or audiences

  • 3、Judges are professionals from the investment community, financial organizations and industry field; At least 7 judges will grade in the final

  • 1、晋级到决赛的参赛队必须至少有一名成员参加决赛当日的上台演示,缺席的队伍将被自动取消比赛资格 (除非有特殊情况)。

  • 2、决赛采用5+5模式的答辩评选:参赛企业自我介绍5分钟,现场答辩5分钟;只允许参与上台演示的参赛队成员回答提问。

  • 3、每家参赛企业将接受不少于7名评委现场评分;评委来自投资界、行业领域、金融机构等相关专家。

  • The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America personnel will make sure no sensitive information be leaked to the public. It is strongly recommended that each team to protect its own intellectual property

  • The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America will request that judges do not share submitted business plans with unauthorized personnel. However, The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America is NOT responsible for any of the judges’ controversial actions

  • The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America will NOT be responsible for any type of intellectual property disputes

  • 首届江苏科技创业大赛北美分赛工作人员不会向公共泄漏任何敏感信息,同时强烈建议各参赛队伍提高保护自我知识产权的意识,以及在参赛前向有关部门申请知识产权方面的保护。

  • 首届江苏科技创业大赛北美分赛将要求评委不将参赛队所提交的商业计划书与未经授权的第三方共享,但不为评委的口头行为产生的结果负责。

  • 首届江苏科技创业大赛北美分赛不为任何知识产权纠纷负责。

  • The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America reserves the right to disqualify any team in violation of any regulations, laws or rules

  • By participating in the competition, each team agrees that The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America will not assume any liability whatsoever for any disclosures of business plan information which may be made (whether inadvertently or otherwise) by any judge, reviewer, staff member, audience member or other individual connected with, participating in, viewing, hearing, or receiving information from the competition

  • Participants submit applications to the committee and indicate their adherence to the rules of the competition to compete in activities in the The First Jiangsu Science and Technology Venture Competition North America, and that all actions by the participants follow the rules' constraints. Participants must obey the decision of the judges, or they forfeit their qualification to be considered for the awards

  • The contest committee reserves the right to make amends and additions without prior mention, and to have the final say in the decision of the competition

  • 为了维护参赛者的合法权益,大赛主办方建议参赛者在参赛前向有关部门申请知识产权方面的保护;否则,由此给参赛者造成的损失,大赛主办方不承担任何法律责任。

  • 因参加创新设计大赛而产生的一切法律后果(包括但不限于侵犯第三人专利权、著作权、商标权、肖像权、名誉权和隐私权等)由其自己承担,大赛主办方对此不承担任何法律责任并有权取消有关获奖资格。

  • 参赛者向主办方提交申请即表示其完全按照本规则参加首届江苏科技创业大赛北美分赛的活动,其所有的参赛行为都受本规则的约束。参赛者必须服从评委会的决议,否则将取消有关获奖资格。

  • 本免责声明以及其修改权、更新权及最终解释权均属大赛主办方所有。

Organizers                       主办方

JUDGES                            部分评委